Filmmaking Classes for Children in Colorado

What better way to let your child’s inner actor come out than to enroll them in filmmaking classes for children in Colorado? Throughout the Denver Metro area, we offer a variety of classes for children to learn the mechanics of making all types of films.

Your child will gain a variety of life-long skills when they take our filmmaking classes. For example, they will learn how to speak in public and gain confidence talking on camera. Kids learn how to use their personalities to shine on camera. Their self-confidence improves, and they learn valuable communication and social skills as well. The classes and summer camps promote our core values of engagement, inspiration, perseverance, passion, positivity, critical thinking, collaboration, and a culture of trust.

Classes vary in length. The typical class is five weeks long, and we also offer eight, 10, and 12 week-long courses. Additionally, we provide week-long summer, fall, winter, and spring break camps as well.

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In our News Broadcast class, children learn how to create their own news stories and how to deliver them on camera. They do warm-up games, how to hold interviews, create commercials, and write and produce their own news program! The technical skills they learn help them to do the entire show themselves.

If your child watches videos on YouTube, then they have probably identified at least one on-camera personality they like. In our YOUth TUBEr class, children learn how to speak with charisma and presence in front of the camera. They also create their own videos while working in cooperation with other students, imagining their stories, filming, and simply enjoying themselves.

Should your child have an active imagination, then our Mini Movie class is perfect for them. In this class, your child is encouraged to use their imaginations to create, direct, act in, and produce their own movies. They learn everything they need to know to create a movie themselves from beginning to end.

Enroll your child in one of our many filmmaking classes for children in Colorado today. Your child will receive positive feedback, develop a positive self-image, master the art of conversation, be able to memorize well, think creatively and imaginatively, learn to improvise, work as an integral part of a team, and have fun! Contact us today to learn more about the camps and classes in your area and to find which one(s) could be right for your child.