First aid for a fracture

As mentioned Erste-Hilfe Kurs M√ľnchen, a fracture is an injury to a bone with violation of its integrity. Traumatic fractures are divided into open (there is damage to the skin in the fracture area) and closed (the skin is not broken).

With an open fracture, the trauma is not obvious. A closed fracture is not so obvious, especially if it is incomplete, when part of the bone cross-section is disturbed, more often in the form of a fracture.

Open fractures are characterized by a wound in the area of the fracture, and closed fractures are characterized by the absence of damage to the integrity of the covers (skin or mucous membranes).

Signs of fracture:

  • Severe pain
  • Deformity and impaired motor function of the limb
  • Limb shortening
  • An original bone crunch
  • With skull fractures: nausea, vomiting, impaired consciousness, slowed pulse – signs of concussion (contusion) of the brain, bleeding from the nose and ears.
  • In erste hilfe lehrgang you can learn that elvic fractures are always accompanied by significant blood loss and in 30% of cases development of traumatic shock.
  • Spinal fractures are among the most serious injuries, often resulting in death.

First aid in case of a fracture

Immobilize (transport immobilization) the injured limb with splints or sticks, planks, etc. If there are no objects for immobilization at hand, keep the injured arm fixed to the torso and the injured leg fixed to a healthy leg. In case of a spinal fracture, transport the victim on a shield. With an open fracture, accompanied by heavy bleeding, apply a compressive aseptic bandage and, if indicated, a tourniquet.

Remember that there are also mixed types of injuries: fracture + dislocation, incomplete dislocation, chronic dislocation, etc. Leave the diagnosis and treatment (including reduction) to a doctor. Only in movies do they show that by pulling a person’s arm you can you can set the bone. It is more likely that you will aggravate the injury. To avoid such situations, you can visit notfallmedizin erste hilfe kurs.

It is impossible to learn first aid by yourself. It is only possible to achieve a good result if you are trained by a highly qualified instructor, so please contact only proven erste hilfe kurse.