How to plan a successful Cheer Fundraiser

The demands on a cheerleading squad go far beyond keeping your school football team motivated during games. Participations in cheerleading competitions and training course also make more demands on your team’s time and pockets. New uniforms, equipment, competition registrations and travel expenses can add up.

Raising funds for all these may sound difficult, but fundraisers, if planned properly, can actually generate enough money to cover a huge chunk of these expenses.

In order to ensure this the fundraiser must be more than just a normal fundraising event. Instead it should be an unforgettable experience for the supporters. This will make sure that they will look forward to helping the squad in future fundraising efforts too.

Choosing the type of fundraiser

There are plenty of option examples available, with some needing a lot of effort, some less and some hardly any at all. The most popular are the traditional options like candle, cake, and popcorn sales where everything is bought packaged and sold by the cheer group.

Then there are the options where fundraisers look for fun and exciting events including: dog grooming, dances, circus events, yard sales, and auctions. These involve planning and strict budget control.

Finally, for those that don’t feel confident in undertaking such a huge responsibility and all the risks that come with it, there is the option of using the services of a fundraising company. These don’t need any money to be put up front, and the team benefits from the profits. However, the profits differ from one company to the other and also on the quantity of the orders.

Establish a budget

Fundraising is aimed at making more than is initially outlaid, so the cheer fundraiser team will have to ensure that the type of event that they choose will do just that. The cost can vary depending on what is decided on and how it is approached. For example: a dance fundraiser will need a suitable venue, lights and a DJ to be hired. Then again these services could be donated in exchange for advertising for sponsors. There are plenty of options available, some needing a lot of effort, some less and some hardly any at all. The more the team and sponsors contribute the higher the return on investment will be.

Once decided what the fundraiser will be its important that the budget is set in order to understand what limitations there are and what the profit margins will be.

The planning stage

Teams should be created and each one is to be responsible for a different area of the fundraiser: getting sponsors, refreshments, organizing venues, music, and a marketing strategy for the promotion of the event etc.

One event can offer more than one source of revenue. If the event chosen is a cheerleader competition, there can be 4 sources of income: 1) entrance fee for spectators 2) competition entry fee 3) refreshment stand and 4) raffle tickets to a prize (donated by a local business).

Promote the event using both traditional and digital advertising in order to reach as many parents, community members and new students as possible. Get the football team to help with door to door flyer and brochure promotions, send out emails, advertise in local stores and use social media to promote the event.

During the event

Team members can take the opportunity to ask members of the community that are attending if they are interested in assisting the cheer squad through annual sponsorship or by offering other services. They can also ask attendees to make positive comments about the event on the teams social media pages or to assist after the event to clean up.

After the event

The event will surely supported by many people, all contributing some of their hard earned cash, time and effort. Remember to thank all that were involved in its organization, including, donors, sponsors, volunteers and cheer squad members for helping in its successful outcome. Use all the digital tools that you used to make the event known, including emails and social media.

Through hard work and perseverance the fundraising event will be a huge success and remembered for ages and your interaction with all involved will ensure that any future cheer fundraisers will always be well attended.