The Digital Age and the Carpooling for the Children

With the Internet, carpooling is growing in popularity. The sites that offer it multiply and professionalize. However, we must be vigilant on several points.

What are the fees applied?

They only correspond to a sharing of the expenses related to the use of the vehicle (petrol, tolls, and depreciation of the vehicle, insurance). During a trip, the driver is not allowed to make any profit. The site is a platform for linking, it can also offer additional services to “make reliable” the relationship: secure payment, cancellation terms. These will result in additional costs whose relevance must be assessed. To guide passengers, some sites mention whether the driver’s proposed trip price is reasonable, or even cap it. This happens to be the same for the childcare daily app also.

What is the quality of the information

Choose sites that give as much detail as possible about journeys and drivers. The comments of the passengers are a good indication. Some sites offer trips based on criteria you choose: the price (high or low), the comfort of the car, the seniority of the driver on the site.

How are my personal data protected?

Choosing your carpool website is also being careful when using your personal information. Before opening an account, check that it is clearly indicated in the general conditions, under the heading “confidentiality”.The payment sites you use should also mention this clearly.

To know: the special case of commuting

For this type of journey, the driver must check that his insurance covers damage in the event of an accident. If he uses his company car, the insurance contract taken out by the employer must cover carpooling. Carpool costs for commuting can in principle be deducted from income. The tax office can provide details.

Carpooling is a good solution for stunners on tight budgets or last-minute weekends. By registering on the specialized websites, you select your route and a driver who sets himself the price of the trip and the course.

But be careful not to fall into the trap of misconceptions.

Unlike the train, I can decide at the last moment

Certainly, the trips can be offered until a few hours before the departure of the car.

If you know your departure date and time, it is best to plan your trip in advance. For the most popular trips, you will have the luxury of choosing the driver or the meeting point.

Accompanying children can be legitimate when they are very young. Continuing to do so when they have passed the childhood stage is an unfair violation of their privacy. The development and maturation of the child begin especially when the parents move away from their sphere. The daycare management software works there.

Let the little experiences shape their character

Once as parents we have taught our son to take a shower and get dressed, the pool experience will be a huge stimulus for him. This is why you need the preschool management software.

He will feel mature. Sufficiently independent to treat alone what until recently was exclusive to mom and dad.Children know how to surprise us on this too. Surely we will find them again after the swimming course a little bigger than we left them.