Why Floristry is Such a Great Career

When attending a wedding, one of the first things you will always hear is, “Wow, the flowers are just so beautiful!” Flowers play a massive role in our daily lives. They can say things like “sorry” and diffuse a potential relationship crisis; or they can be used to celebrate a birth, romance and even used at a funeral.

Some florists have strived across the business of this great career by accident. Gardeners – who don’t consider themselves creative – have enrolled on flower arranging and floristry courses at the London Flower School, only to find they have got that creative edge and found their niche in this very career.

A florist can work for many different businesses. Restaurants, party throwers, funerals, business demonstrations and grand openings all demand a good flower arranger and the work of a creative florist is in a lucrative spot right now. Moreover, it does not look like ending anytime soon.

There will be days when you absolutely will have to work. Take Valentine’s Day and Mothers’ Day and think: this is your busiest time of them all. There will be no rest for a florist during this time.

The typical florist works part-time and will spend more than 80 per cent of the working period on their feet. Early mornings are part and parcel of floristry life but it has always been said that rising early is a good thing health wise.

Floristry is something you will do for the love of it. The satisfaction of completing a bouquet or flower arrangement is very high up on the scale. To think that this is an almost daily sensation, it does make this career a good one to be in. Indeed, you are your own boss in many respects. There will not be some line manager or foreman telling you to put that lily there and replace that rose with a hyacinth and place it to the back, whilst watching diligently over your flower arrangement.

It is a good career move for those who want to run their own business too. You could set up your stall by working from a van and cut costs of hiring a work space. The work is always out there and demand for flowers is growing. Another reason why this career move is a good idea. Check out flower arranging course at the London Flower School for more ideas.