Why You Should Use Pupil Tracking Software

If you’re not already familiar with pupil tracking software, then prepare to be amazed! In terms of time, organisation and generally making your job as a teacher easier, there is no arguing the benefits of pupil tracking software.

But, let’s go through what exactly the software entails, where you can find it, what it has to offer and what it will do for you.

 First things first, school leaders are provided with an assessment tracker. With this, they are then able to analyse attainment, pupil progress across the whole school – and sometimes multiple schools – and much more. All this information is easily accessible in real-time. Not only that but with select software, schools can input their assessment content into the system, and all the assessment packages are fully customisable. Also, as you’ll be able to judge various statements against a descriptor, you’ll consequently be able to create to-the-point and formative assessments. On the other side to viewing information, you also have the added value of being able to record assessment information instantly, no matter where you are.

All of these things lead to a higher analysis of attainment and progress that in turn allows you to make decisions on what your school needs and communicate this with your fellow members of staff.

There is fair few tracking software out there, but we’d suggest starting your search with the pupil tracking software by Educater. They have strong partnerships with STAT Sheffield, Rising Stars Progression Frameworks and NAHT.

 Say goodbye to large amounts of paper, and hello to a quick and easy online tool! You’ll no longer be spending hours on paperwork, and you’ll be able to focus on what matters; teaching!

This all sounds great, we know. But, let’s explore the other valuable benefits more deeply.

It’s a Time-Saver

We’ve already mentioned the time it saves you by eliminating paperwork. But, the tracking system allows you to quickly identify gaps in learning which can seriously help with lesson planning.

Help With Planning

With select tracking software, you’ll also be privy to planning and assessment grids that contain all the objectives from the National Curriculum. Always having that on hand to reference can be a real help when evaluating your curriculum statements.

 Descriptions and Explanations 

 Having the National Curriculum to hand is one thing, but what you’ll also get is statement descriptors, leaving no doubt in your mind about the goals of the curriculum. No matter which methodology you use to assess pupils, these helping explanations can massively help teacher understanding.

 Point In Time Assessment (PITA) 

 Providing full support to teachers when it comes to identifying a child’s current stage of development, teachers are then able to know when to act and how to ensure the pupil is focussing on the right areas at the right time.

 Quick, Scheduled Reports

The tracking software should have an area for reports. This area should allow you to choose a report template, edit it and get it scheduled to be sent to anyone that requires it. They’ll receive the said report in an easily digestible PDF or Word document.