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I find that Python is becoming more and more popular with the more developer-to-developer talks I have. When I initially started coding, I would always say “Python” when someone asked what programming language I used. 

My talks with others about Python have improved over the past few years. I’ve worked with coworkers who have grown weary of their current programming language’s lengthy learning curve and have no prior experience with Python. And for that reason, I’m producing this piece to explain why you should pick up Python by the year 2022. Read on to find out if Python is right for you if you don’t already know a programming language or if you’re considering switching to another one. There are various training institutes offered Python Training in Vadapalani, like LIVEWIRE, Q spiders, and more.

History of Python

The first instance of Python was on February 20, 1991. Guido van Rossum, a Dutch programmer, developed it. Python’s architecture placed a strong emphasis on the readability of the code through the use of extensive indentation. 

The design of the language and the object-oriented methodology aid new and experienced programmers in writing understandable code for modest to large projects that use little to huge amounts of data. Python is still regarded as one of the top programming languages today, even after 31 years.

Python in 2022: Why?

  • Flexible and versatile

When you consider something to be versatile, you consider its capacity for adaptation to a wide range of uses. Python can be used in almost any setting, including software development, web development, and more. People who know Python can kill two birds with one stone, which makes it incredibly popular. Or can kill 3, 4, 5, and more…

Python-skilled developers can be found across a variety of industries, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, game development, web development, and more.


  • Simple to Learn

The difficulty of learning a programming language has always turned people off. On the other hand, Guido van Rossum intended for Python to be a general-purpose language when he created it. 

Beginners and newbies find Python’s syntax to be very approachable and easy to learn, and inexperienced developers find it easy to read and comprehend. Python is more popular every day because it is easier to learn than practically any other computer language.

  • Resources and the Community

There isn’t a programmer alive who has all the answers. Every day, something new happens in the world of developers, whether it be new tools, software, libraries, or other things. The demand for crucial documentation and assistance has significantly increased as Python gains popularity in order to aid Python developers in resolving unforeseen problems and other concerns.

The Python programming language is so well-documented and covered in so many tutorials, manuals, and courses. On StackOverflow, there are now 1,926,748 questions with the tag Python. Check out additional sites, like Github, Youtube, Medium, and others.

  • Libraries and Frameworks

There are libraries and frameworks in place so that you don’t have to create everything from scratch, which is one of the wonderful things about programming and being a developer. You can include the practical and understandable code found in these pre-built components in your apps.

Python’s well-liked frameworks and libraries include:

  • For scientific computing, use NumPy.
  • Plotting charts and graphs with Matplotlib
  • SciPy for use in engineering
  • BeautifulSoup for XML and HTML processing, among other things.


  • Effective, quick, and trustworthy

Why is Python so slow, you could hear individuals wonder who are experts in a different programming language. Despite the fact that this essay is about why you should learn Python, the truth is that Python is sluggish when compared to other programming languages. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, though, because development time is what is important today.

Python’s popularity is not unjustified. It is effective, quick, and dependable, enabling developers to build apps, conduct analyses, and generate visually appealing results with the least amount of work.

  • Automation

One of Python’s many charms is its capacity for task automation. Python’s wide range of tools and modules enable it to simplify even the most difficult operations, assisting in the automation of these repetitive and time-consuming processes. This enables developers to concentrate their time and effort on other projects that call for more manual labor.

The industry standard for automation is now Python. Even programmers who use different languages still mention Python when automating processes.

  • IoT Technology

A system of internet-connected objects, including computers, digital machinery, objects, and more, is known as the “Internet of Things.” It is the capability of data transmission via a network without the need for a computer or human-to-computer communication.

These tiny, web-connected gadgets accept Micro python or Python, enabling us to tweak the code slightly and adapt it to meet particular requirements. Users are starting to appreciate the significance of comprehending Python as it is a useful language to learn and understand in order to exploit the IoT as we deal with linked devices on a regular basis.


Nearly every industry can benefit from using the Python programming language, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, web development, and game development. All of these can be used in a variety of industries, including finance, fashion, and beauty. Python would be regarded as the best programming language for a variety of tasks.

Python has totally replaced other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Google, and others in large corporations. In fact, LIVEWIRE is the best Python Training Institute in Chennai for bright careers.