3 Ways to Prepare a Child for Kindergarten

Starting school can be a stressful time for both you and your child. To make the transition easier, you should take steps to prepare your child for this new experience. Don’t concentrate on getting photos of the first day for social media, that can wait. If you play in advance and follow the steps mentioned in this article, preparing your kid for kindergarten should be easy.

  • Speak about the New Routine

Your child’s life will change a lot when they start in kindergarten, so you must take some time out to explain the new routine to them. In addition to speaking about it, you should take steps to change your routine to adapt to the new school. You can work on changing bedtime and breakfast, so they are in line with what you’ll be doing in a few weeks’ time when school starts.

Make gradual changes so your child gets used to a predictable routine, when the time comes to go to kindergarten, it will be a lot easier to transition. If your child is starting kindergarten in Bangkok in a few weeks, ask them about their concerns. If they have any problems, discuss these issues and help to resolve them so they are prepared for what lies ahead.

Here are some positive things you can do and discuss with them.

  • Making cool new friends.
  • Taking part in music, activities and exercise.
  • Showing them their new uniform.
  • Talking to them about their lunch and snacks.
  • Letting them help you buy cool new school accessories such as bags and pencils.

  • Give the Teacher a Brief Information Sheet

Only a parent knows what really settles their child when they feel anxious or upset, so it is good to prepare a cheat-sheet for the teacher. All you need is a one page note with key information about your child.

This brief document should contain essential information which includes:

  • Your child’s image & name
  • Date of birth
  • Medical history
  • Contact details
  • Interests & dislikes

This information is invaluable to a new teacher just starting with a fresh young class of kindergarten kids. You could also include worries they may have about starting school.

  • Visit the School

To ensure your child is relaxed on the first day of kindergarten, you should visit the school in advance to meet the principal and classroom teacher. Bring them around the school and point out all the cool new things they’ll get to experience.

It is important not to forget to show them the washroom, so they know where to go toilet when they need to. You should give them a chance to use the toilet or even just flush it because loud noises can be scary for a young child.

Getting your child ready for kindergarten can be a challenge, it is normal to feel worried as a parent during the first few days of school. To make the transition easier, you may wish to consider putting them in a preschool programme or swimming classes. They need to learn to be alone without the constant protection of their parents.