Getting ahead: Sending your child to the best kindergarten in Singapore

As a parent, you are doing everything for the family with a great interest at heart, including sending your child to the best kindergarten. It is important you were able to plan for this well because it can affect your child’s view about education. And of course, you want to encourage them to learn things even at a young age.

Fortunately, preschools in Singapore know the value of early childhood education, making sure the children will have the best experience. These schools highlight the balance of learning and playing so the children will stay engaged.

These are the values and principles the preschools in Singapore are instilling to the children.

Holistic Learning for the Kids

Even at an early age, the children are being taught the value of numeracy or the ability to work with numbers. It is integrated in their lessons through simple tools such as pictures and symbols. It is also being thought through games that teach the children to sort, count, and share certain items. Teachers conduct hands-on activities to help the children learn the number words and names of shapes, among others, as well.

At the same time, the best kindergarten in Singapore knows the importance of social and mental development. The children are being taught to be sensitive to other people. In addition, they learn how to build friendships from simple sharing of things or through play. Preschools also make sure that the children are less anxious during school time because their parents are away for a while. They have certain exercises to cope with the potential stress.

Active Learning

It is truly important to look at a preschool Singapore list so you know you are sending your child to the best kindergarten. One of the things that Singapore preschools advocate for is active learning, which can be a very effective way of teaching the children.

It has been proven that children learn better if they are actively involved and engaged when performing meaningful tasks. Such activities should be based on the preschoolers’ curiosity, needs, and interests. There should be emphasis on the process of knowing, understanding, and creating the children’s own ideas, instead of just doing repetitive activities.

In active learning, you have to allow the children to be messy. Do not get mad if you caught your child making a mess in the playground, they are just satisfying their curiosity.

Playing While Learning

Playing is a key aspect to a preschooler’s learning process. It motivates them to explore, discover, make mistakes, overcome failure, and take risks. While playing, they are engaged with making choices, expressing feelings, and persevering. Overall, playing can develop the following aspects:

  • creativity
  • language in numeracy and environmental awareness
  • oral and aural skills
  • personal and social skills

In Pegasus International Preschool, we value the holistic development of your children. Enroll your kids at the best kindergarten in Singapore. Contact us today.