Tips To Score Well in Class 12 Exams

The CBSE board is all set to conduct the class 12 exam from the month of February this year. With the boards just a few weeks away, it is quite normal to feel nervous about it. But with the right study strategy, one doesn’t have to feel this way. Most importantly, students should keep in mind that a non-systematic and irregular study pattern won’t help much and can lead to the loss of marks in the examination. But fear not! Here, in the article, we have provided a few tips to help you plan an effective study routine for the exam.

Lose the Fear of Exam

Our fear of exam takes its shape from our hallucinogenic thoughts/views and interpretations of the outcome. And, this can stop us from giving our best. To overcome the fear of the exam, do the following:

  • Start revising early
  • Stay fit and positive
  • Make a timetable
  • Eat Healthily
  • Sleep well

If the fear aggravates, take help from parents and counsellors and talk it out. As the exam dates are given ahead of time, it is a good practice for a student to prepare well in advance for the papers.

Practise Sample Papers

Some of the most common techniques that are used to aid revision don’t help much and end up being less effective. This includes highlighting or re-reading key passages too. The reason for the failure of these techniques is that they do not force one to think critically or deeply about the topic. Solving sample papers, on the other hand, is an effective revision tactic that helps you think critically and helps one identify the topics that need more attention and improves your subject-related knowledge. A twelfth grader can practise myriads of CBSE sample papers for class 12 available onlineto revise effectively.

Presentation, Clarity Of Thought And Handwriting

The appointed evaluators of the answer sheets are teachers from the CBSE and ICSE boards. The evaluators are required to check thousands of answer sheets in a limited time. Hence, one must present a clean and neat answer sheet where the teacher doesn’t have to feel stressful merely trying to figure out your handwriting. It is important to present a well-written answer with a clarity of thought and simple sentences.

The listed were a few tips to help you study for class 12 exams effectively. Most importantly, believe in yourself! At BYJU’S, solve previous year question papers and CBSE sample papers. Also, subscribe to BYJU’S youtube channel to learn various concepts taught in Class 12 in a fun and interesting way.