How to Become a Bartender?

Being a bartender is one of the coolest jobs a person can have after college. You get to experience the thrill of showboating in front of a new audience every night, you command the attention in the bar and you get to meet many new interesting people.  However, becoming a bartender is much easier said than done. It requires the right balance of soft skills, ability and knowledge. And getting this combination right is not everybody’s forte. Sure, you could attend École du Bar de Montréal or a bartending short course to learn everything you need, but you still need to bring some of your unique personality to the table. If becoming a bartender is your dream job, here are some amazing tips that will ensure that you succeed.

Become a Barback

Becoming a barback is the first step you can take towards becoming a pro bartender and learning the real tricks you’ll require in the trade. Applying as a barback is also extremely easy as nearly any bar will take you if you can just carry around heavy stuff and are willing to run errands. As a barback, you will need to work as a behind the scenes person for the bartender and will have a lot of responsibilities. Your job will be to make sure that the bartender has everything they need to entertain the guests and keep them merry.

By becoming a barback, you will get a chance to step into the shoes of a bartender and moreover, it will also give your profile a boost when you apply as a bartender. You could compare this to an internship in bartending.

Get Certified

Depending on which state you are in, and also on which bar you wish to apply to, you may need to get certified. Your local law may require you to have a certificate or license to serve alcohol and if that is the case, you won’t get a job without a certificate. This is great for those who go to bartending school as you will come out with a certificate.

For those that didn’t go to bartending school, you can check out the certifications by ServeSafe and TIPS. These will certify you to become a bartender and serve alcohol.

Apply for Your Job

Now that you are well trained as well as certified, it’s time to go and apply for your job and become a pro bartender. Good Luck.