Top School Fundraising Ideas for Elementary School

Fundraising generally can prove to be quite challenging and just like a few other things it might be even more complicated when kids are involved. This might be because the parents are seemingly getting tired of being asked to buy one thing or buy another thing every once in a while. The kids might enjoy the whole fiasco, but how do you make sure that the happiness of the kids is accompanied by adequate generosity by parents and other interested parties.

What is Fundraising?

Fundraising is an avenue for seeking and gathering together financial resources or funds offered voluntarily through contributions by other people. Apart from people or individuals, other donors could also include governmental agencies, businesses, and charitable foundations and so on.

Previously, fundraising could be said to mainly involve door-to-door activities. This required contact between both parties and this was especially useful during sales. Currently, however, there are many other forms or types of fundraising in place and even the internet can be used in support of the fundraising efforts. Regardless of the fact that fundraising is mainly used by non-profit organizations, it can also be appropriate for for-profit organizations.

School fundraising is just fundraising events hosted by the school to raise money for specific projects.

        Funds are needed to make adjustments and carryout replacements to make the school safer for the kids.

Top Fundraising Ideas

  1. Get help from the pros. This is an incredibly effective method.  Professional fundraising companies like Fundraising Zone have been around for a very long time and are absolute experts when it comes to elementary school fundraisers.
  2. The next idea is the scratch cards for elementary schools. The use of scratch cards is relatively new as a method of fundraising. But the use of scratch cards has turned out to be a major success during whatever box or circle they fancy on the card and whatever amount is revealed is to be paid. It is fun, suspenseful and generally entertaining, so the kids love it and it will bring smiles to the faces of others who agree to participate.
  3. The next idea is the children’s art auction. Although people do not like spending money, especially most parents, there are few things that can make a parent happier than seeing that their child is making progress. This is especially so when the progress is not purely based on academics but in their social and creative life. You could auction pieces of art (drawings and paintings) made by children. Even if they are not all that, most parents would want to purchase what their kids did for its sentimental value. Of course, they would not want to be too low on the prize either.
  4. Another idea is organizing talent shows for everyone. When we say talent show for everyone, we mean “everyone”. From the kids to the parents to the teachers, everyone gets a shot at the talent show. Kids equally enjoy watching older ones (especially their teachers) do creative and relatively silly things. While the adults enjoy watching the kids perform their very best. You could set up ticket stands for parents who would want to participate and for those who would simply be spectating.
  5. Organize events to coincide with popular holidays. For instance, you could erect a haunted house during the Halloween season. Both young and old would be willing to give it a whirl and have a little adrenaline rush fun. Just a room in the school or an available space would suffice to plan for the haunted house. You can input props according to your budget but remember that it is majorly for the kids so put a handle on things so as not to go over the top. You could also do something for Christmas.


These ideas are not too expensive to organize and most of the time, there is an act or service of some kind involved so the parents equally have a good time. This way, they do not complain about always being asked to buy one thing or the other. Most importantly the children have a great time.