The latest methods and methods of studying

How to study is a question that all students ask in order to obtain high marks in study at various levels of study. Although some students spend long hours studying, they are surprised with little achievement, while some students get high marks with a few hours studying, Which leads to frustration of the weak students and their suspicion of their abilities and the degree of their intelligence. The important thing is not the number of hours of studying but rather the correct methods of studying that lead to the consolidation of information and the ease of recovery when needed, so what are the modern methods of study and study? [1]

Modern methods of study and study

The appropriate methods of studying differ from one student to another, some depend mainly on the sense of hearing, while others depend on the sense of sight, so others should not be imitated literally, but rather benefit from their experiences and experiences as appropriate, and from the methods of study: [2]

The use of repetition method, so the study material can be divided into small paragraphs and kept up-to-date, then repeat them continuously, which increases their entrenchment in the brain.

Using writing style, by writing information on paper.

Using the summary method, where the student can summarize the basic information from the academic subject after dividing it into paragraphs, then studying the summary, this increases the focus of the brain on the important subject.

The use of technology in the study, such as: the iPad or the computer, and the study material can be downloaded onto the device and placed under different influences such as giving the paragraphs different colors or making them come out in a way that the brain can establish them well and memorize them, or it can be used as speaking programs that work on reading what is entered on them, The student can focus using the sense of hearing and storing information. The information can also be recorded on the recorder and then continuously heard.

General advice for correct study

There are a bunch of helpful tips for correct study: [3]

Choosing the right time to study, the best times before dawn until sunrise, as this period is the body is at its best to receive information, and the O3 ratio is very high, which increases the activity of the body, and it is better not to study after eating a heavy meal because the brain is busy with the process of digesting food.

Choosing the right place with the right lighting, dim lighting causes drowsiness and boredom for the person, and the place should be well-ventilated because the lack of oxygen causes drowsiness, and the place should be away from the noise, disturbance or presence of people who may disturb the focus.

Taking enough rest, studying during fatigue does not produce good results.



تحضير لغتي سادس المنهج الجديد الفصل الثاني 1441

تحضير لغتي المنهج الجديد الفصل الثاني 1441