What is the Difference Between an Online and Traditional High School Diploma?

So you want to finish high school. You also want to make sure your diploma counts. When it comes to completing your studies, you have two options: Attend a traditional school, or enroll in an online high school. Traditional and virtual courses have more in common than you might think. But does an online accredited high school diploma carry the same “weight” as a traditional one? Keep reading to find out.

Academic Programs

The course of study offered by the typical accredited online high school diploma program is similar to what you’ll find at most brick-and-mortar high schools. The curriculum in both types of programs covers the same subjects: math, science, social studies, and foreign language. Like the traditional high school, an online school usually offers diploma tracks that prepare students for higher education or to pursue a career upon graduation.

Class Schedules

Traditional high schools follow a rather rigid schedule, usually from early morning (too early for many of us!) until mid-afternoon. Earning your accredited online high school diploma, however, gives you the flexibility to study whenever and wherever it’s convenient. So if you’re trying to manage work and family responsibilities or have time consuming outside interests, like training for a professional sport, you can have plenty of time for those activities and hit the books when it works best for you.

Even better, enrollment is usually year-round, and you can have access to your course materials right away. Online learning allows you to fast-track your education, since you don’t have to wait for a new semester or school year to get underway to start classes.

Educational Goals

Whether you enroll in a traditional program or a virtual one, high school students have the same goal in mind: to get their diploma and get themselves on track for college, a career, or to achieve some other personal goal. Students who obtain an accredited high school diploma online typically report that it allows them to achieve their goals, and that they would recommend the course to their friends.

The takeaway? There’s virtually zero difference between an accredited online high school diploma and a conventional one. Whether you’re a traditional high school student or an adult who wants to return to the classroom, JMHS offers flexible, self-paced programs to help you achieve your goals. Ready to get started? Contact us for more info or enroll today.